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János Talabér (JCD, MA, MA.Ed.,BA, Assoc.Bsc)

Short summary

Teaching position: university lecturer at Karoli Gaspar University; teacher of Medical Subjects at a high school for training nurses
Lawyer position: church-lawyer, counsellor in Health Care Law, teacher of Health Care Law and Patients' Rights  
Medical position: paramedic AEMT on duty at the Charity Ambulance 

Longer description

Janos Talaber earned his first BA degree in Theology in 1998.
Following this, he graduated as a Teacher of English Language (BA).  Meanwhile he started to study church law, and some years after he earned an academic degree in Church Law (JCD) and an MA in English-American Philology and Pedagogy. In 2015 he earned a special MA degree in Education (MA.Ed.)

He was also trained as a paramedic AEMT in Hungary, in the UK and in the USA.
He spent some time in the USA, in Germany and in the UK.
He has visited many other countries so far.

He taught Medical Ethics at Semmelweis Medical University and English of Law and Business at two colleges.

His current activities involve teaching English and American Linguistics at Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church as well as being the Head Examiner at A-Level Final Examination Board.  Parallel to this, he participates in many conferences, holds lectures on Health Care Law and Linguistics. Besides this, he issues several publications on medical law, church law and American Linguistics. 

As a devoted paramedic, he still works for the charity ambulance part-time. (Regnum-M Bt.) 

He lives in Hungary with his wife and two kids. Their pass-time activities involve hiking, playing the piano and the organ, traveling, fishing and helping out in the local parish.

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