János Talabér
teacher, university lecturer,

I was born in Budapest.  I went to high school in Dabas, I graduated from the universities in Budapest, Miskolc, Debrecen and the USA. *

My activities 

I have taught in high schools and universities for more than twenty years. In 1993, as a healthcare worker, I joined the National Emergency Service Dabas Ambulance, and since then I have been continuously active in emergency patient care: NHS ambulances and other private ambulance services.


- patients' legal representative (special exam, 2020)
- education expert (MA,M.Ed, 2015)
- chairman at A-level and intermediate Final Examination Board (2011)
- teacher of English language and literature (MA, M.Ed, 2011)
- church lawyer (LLM.C, DLic 2002)
- English language teacher (BA, B.Ed., 2000)
- Religion teacher (BA, B.Ed., 1998)
- Ambulance Advanced EMT (As. BSc., 2002) 
- Emergency Medical Technician-Nurse (1996) 

Universities where I taught 

Semmelweis University, Zsigmond Király College, ELTE, János Harsányi College, currently: Károli Gáspár Református University (research group) and Gábor Dénes University (teaching instructor) and Hungarian Adult Education Institute, abroad: Mary Baldwin College (Virginia, USA). * I was an invited speaker on health law: ÁEEK, every year: MSOTKE conference, Siófok., Somogy County Ambulance Roundtable Conference,  Kaposvár.


teaching English, American English, Linguistics,  church- and healthcare law advisor, teaching healthcare subjects, publications, emergency patient care, expertise in laboratory diagnostic tests, graduation chairman, university lecturer. *

Research and Scholarships 

1998 Bell Language School teacher training (Kecskemét)
2000 Bonn-Brussels (Ministry of Education Germany)
teacher training
2001 University of Passau (2001) label Erasmus scholarship (ecclesiastical law)
2000-2002 University of California: AEMT (paramedic training, Dist.L)
2002 ANCRA (Research: Church Law, DLA) 
2013-2018 Comenius and Erasmus projects: England, Poland, France, Germany
2013 Partner School Program: Mary Baldwin College (USA)
and Stuarts Draft Ambulance Service
2016 August: study trip to South England 
  (London-Cork-Exeter- St. Yves-London) 

2019 March, St. George Hospital, London (Bapio Conference)
2020-2022 Selye János University Komárno 
(Doc. course in English Linguistics, delayed)

Other skills, devotion 

I consider education and emergency patient care to be my own mission and profession.

I speak English (C1-C2) and German (B1-B2) fluently besides my mother tongue, which is Hungarian.

As for private teaching, I teach online students. Join if you wish :-)

In early 2022, we established the REGNUM-LABOR Blood Collection/Testing Place in Dabas, where we provide private laboratory services. (www.regnumlabor.hu) 

Thesis, dissertation 

- A pedagógusi munka, pedagógus-tanár kép megjelenése és formái a XX.-XXI. század jogi szabályozása tükrében. Transl: The appearance and forms of pedagogic work, the image of teachers in the 20th and 21st centuries in the frame of the present legal regulations 
(MA,M.Ed., BME, 2015)
- The Neurobiological Factors in Second Language Learning and Acquisition (MA,M.Ed.,  DE-BTK, 2011)
- Obstacles to Fullfilling the Parental Canonical Duties in the Field of Catholic Education (DLic, ANCRA, 2002).
- A katolikus oktatás és nevelés egyházjogi aspektusai és ezen jogok realizálódása Magyarországon (LLM-C, Lic, PPKE, 2001) transl: Church law aspects of Catholic education and upbringing of children, and the realization of these rights in Hungary (LLM.C, Lic, PPKE, 2001)
- Web Interactive Programs and Digital Techniques in Language Teaching (BA,B.Ed.,  ME-BTK, 2000)
- Az élet esélye - az abortusz megközelítése a katolikus erkölcsteológia szemszögéből a különböző államok törvényalkotásaival szembesítve (BA,B.Ed.,  PPKE, 1998) transl: The chance of life - approaches to abortion from the point of view of Catholic moral theology compared to the legislation of different states (BA,B.Ed.,  PPKE, 1998)

For more information and getting my Resume, please drop me a line to talaber.janos@gmail.com 

My publications are available: MTMT

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