1 Personal Information

Name: János Talabér 
Email: talaber.janos@gmail.com
Address: 2370 Dabas, Hungary 

2 Qualifications, professional qualifications

Degrees: JCD, MA, MPhil, BA.


2015 BUTE Budapest Department of Pedagogy
- qualification: head of public education, pedagogy (university, MA)

2011 Anglo-American Institute of the University of Debrecen
- Qualification: Teacher in English Language and Literature, Philologist (university, MA)

2000 University of Miskolc BTK
- qualification: English language teacher (college, BA)

1998 Pázmány Péter Catholic University HTK
- qualification: Catholic religion teacher (college, BA)


2020. Ministry of Human Resources EMMI IJSZ
- qualification: patient rights representative (diploma-based examination)

2002 Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Law and Canon Law, ANCRA
- church-lawyer (academic university degree, JCD)

1998 Pázmány Péter Catholic University HTK
- qualification: Catholic religion teacher (college, BA)


2002 University of California *
-qualification: Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (USA)
(not acknowledged by Hungary)

1996 János Eü Szentághotai Secondary School
- qualification: ambulance nurse EMT (advanced vocational qualification)


1993 Táncsics Mihály High School (Graduation, Secondary Education)

2.B. Appointments

2020 National CPR Foundation (USA)
- appointed: registered CPR provider (infant, child and adult)

2016 Office of Education
- appointed: master teacher (qualified)

2014 Office of Education
- appointed: National Expert and supervisor in English Language Teaching

2011 Office of Education
- Appointed: Chairman in Final Exams: middle and advanced level

2003 ELTE University ITK
- Appointed: Language examiner (basic, intermediate and advanced language exams)

3. Workplaces:


Teaching experience at high schools:

  • Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational School (1998-1999, 2017-2019)
  • Táncsics Mihaly High School (2000-2002, 2007-2017)

Teaching experience at universities:

  • ELTE, SOTE, HJF, ZSKF Universities, Budapest 2003-2007
  • KRE University from 2017 till present


  • university teacher at Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church
    (teaching: English Linguistics and Health Science)
  • owner of private ambulance: Regnum-Medical Kft. 
    (practicing paramedic AEMT regularly)

Ambulance worker:

  • National Ambulance (EMT intermediate) (1993-2001, 2005-2007, 2015-2016)
  • Private Ambulances (2001-2004: Malteser, from 2015 own private ambulances)

4. Language Knowledge

English - Proficiency C2
German - Intermediate B2
Latin - Basic A2
Italian - Basic A2

5. Research

Legal and social sciences: health law, including competence rights, patients 'rights, workers' rights; health ethics and first aid, nursing, sociology, ecclesiastical aspects: marriage annulment, catholic education and upbringing.

English Linguistics: Neurolinguistics, American English Linguistics, Examination of Dysphasic and Aphasic Verbal Dysfunctions in Language Exams

6. Scholarships, trainings

  • 2018-2019. University of Herfordshire, UK (paramedic research Bsc)
  • March 27-31, 2019. National Merit Conference, St. George Hospital, London.
  • July 2018 Liverpool - England (family and official trip), research: Liverpool Public Library
  • August 2016: South of England Study Tour: London-Oxford-Exeter-St.Yves (one week study trip)
  • 2013 United States Partner School Project (New York, Washington, Staunton Virginia: Lecture at Mary Baldwin College)
  • 2013 Stuarts Draft Rescue Dept. Virginia USA Outgoing Ambulance Service (as a guest ambulance AEMT)
  • 2012-2014 Comenius project: England, Finland, Poland, Germany (multiple trips, school visits, lectures in schools)
  • 2007 TELC Language Examination Training
  • 2003 BME Language Examination Center: English language examiner
  • 2002-2003 ELTE-ITK: English language examiner training
  • 2002 American National College of Religious Arts, USA (Church Law JCD Research Fellowship - DL)
  • 2000-2002 University of California USA (Completion of EMT Advanced Course - DL)
  • 2001/2002 Universität Passau, Germany (ecclesiastical law studies, research - Erasmus - one semester)
  • 2000 Bonn-Brussels, Germany-Belgium: German Ministry of Education
  • 1998 Bell Schools, Kecskemét: teacher training

7. other skills

  • driver's license for cars (B), for trucks (C) and for busses (D)
  • driver's license for ambulance vehicles (PAV1)
  • IT knowledge (Mac, Windows, Office, Internet)

8. Publications:


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